Classroom Solutions to Behavior Management

Page developed and presented at EdTech Fall 2014 by

Jen Spann & Jenn Green


Blooming Apps

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This web tool discusses Blooms Taxonomy and how the levels work together. As you work your way down the page, the author offers applications & Web 2.0 tools that can be used for each level of Blooms. She even breaks it down into Apps and tools that can be used with specific devices and platforms (I-Pad, Android, Windows, Google, and Web 2.0). It is well broken down and has great info to share.

Student Response Systems



This system can be used to poll the students for understanding or to create exit tickets for students to complete at the end of class. It has a clean interface that allows you create an "event" which will then allow students to discuss any topic you list. This is only one topic per code, so as an exit ticket, you will need to encourage students to develop the answers as fully as possible.

This app can be used on Android, I-Pad/Phone, or any computer that has an Internet connection.



It's a very versatile application that has 4 modes: Start a Quiz, Quick Question, Space Race, or Exit Ticket. The quiz mode will quiz a student; while Quick Question allows a teacher to do a quick check for understanding. Space race allows the students to "race" individually or in groups. Exit ticket is a set of 3 questions:

  1. How well did you understand today's material?
  2. What did you learn in today's class?
  3. Please answer the teacher's question.

As far as I can tell, you can not change these questions.

This app can be used on mobile devices, tablets, or on desktop computers.

Learning Management Systems



This Web 2.0 tool is a well developed application that is reminiscent of Facebook. The interface is appealing to the students because most of our children are already familiar with Edmodo. You can set up classes, give out "badges" for good behavior, grade work and give feedback, and allow student the opportunity to "discuss topics" in a way that give you the opportunity to easily guide the student's thinking. This LMS also offers a variety of apps that students and teachers can make use of.

This app is available on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.

Collaborize Classroom

Collaborize Classroom.gif

This LMS is available on a desktop PC or on any i-device, it does not appear to be available to the Android population. It allows for discussions and debates. It has a gradebook that allows the teacher to give feedback.

This app can be used on I-Pad/Phone or any computer that has an Internet connection.

Behavior Management

Class Dojo

Class Dojo.jpg

ClassDojo helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators.

This app can be used and synced on a multiple of devices, including i-Pad, Android, and PC



This app allows teachers to keep in touch with students and parents using either a computer or any handheld device, reminding about tests, class events or any other announcement that needs to be made. It is also an excellent way to make parent contacts about student behavior, good or bad.

This app can be used on mobile devices, tablets, or on desktop computers.



This app is another way to engage students in classroom management. Teachers can award points (good and bad) for a variety of behaviors and print of reports and seating charts from this app.

This app can be used on mobile devices, tablets, or on desktop computers.