1. Pre-requisite software on PC: IE 7.0 and Mac: Mozilla Firefox

2. Mac vs. PC: Many free download software programs are only available on the PC platform because some of those features are part of the Mac Operating system. All web sites will work on both platforms.

3. Engagement: Those who work faster, can download free software or take additional time to experiment with different web sites.


1. Set up, introduction, background- review Wikispaces: Kids on the Fringe and web site with additional list of links
Web toolbox (5 minutes)

2. Access to Trailfire or or similar bookmarking tool for participants to archive sites and add personal annotations during session. (5 minutes)

3. Review of web sites and discussion of “kids on the fringe” Visit websites for major organizations that provide information on student characteristics and View documents provided by the presenter on comparison of characteristics and ideas for classroom differentiation. (5-10 Minutes)

4. Discussion of Free tools and how these might assist students (10-15 minutes)

5. Review of Web 2.0 tools that provide collaboration and can be used to enhance social functioning and critical thinking (15-20)

6. Discussion and questions (10 minutes

Kids on the Fringe: Technology Tools to Help Them Succeed Cheryl Wissick, University of South Carolina
NECC 2008 BYOL Conference Presentation