Got academic or behavior problems: Who is at risk?

Fast Facts

  • In 2005 13.8% of the students received special education services as part of IDEA, Part B. Of this group 5% were classified as Learning Disabled and 3% as Speech and Language Impaired (Source: Annual Report to Congress on the Implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 2005)

  • 20 percent of all seniors graduating from high school can be classified as being functionally illiterate. Source: National Right to Read Foundation

  • In 2005, 20 percent of school-age children spoke a language other than English at home and 5 percent of school-age children had difficulty speaking English. (Source:

  • The prevalence of autism is one child in every 90. (Source: Center for Disease Control)

  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders include FAS and FASD. They are 0% curable and 100% preventable. FAS rates ranging from 0.2 to 1.5 per 1,000 live births in different areas of the United States. Other FASDs are believed to as often as 1 in 25 (Source: Center for Disease Control)

  • Studies indicate that 1 in 5 children and adolescents (20 percent) may have a diagnosable mental health disorder. Estimates of the number of children who have mental disorders range from 7.7 million to 12.8 million. (Department of Health & Human Services)

  • Of the 100,000 teenagers in juvenile detention, estimates indicate that 60 percent have behavioral, mental or emotional problems. (Department of Justice)