Teaching Tips for Special Tools and Teaching Materials - Setting up your Environment to meet the Needs of all Students

Locate materials to work with students

  • Intervention Central www.interventioncentral.org/ Tools to address positive classroom behaviors and foster effective learning for all students. Access to special tools like Reading Generator and Jackpot Survey Maker.
  • ClassDojo classdojo.com keep students alert and on task
  • Edutopia - Social Emotional Learning www.edutopia.org/social-emotional-learning Lesson plans and videos on activities
  • 4 Teachers.org www.4teachers.org This site features Great tools: RubiStar, Poster Wizard, TrackStar, Calendar Creator, and Equity Builder. Consider using the Classroom Architect to design a better layout for your class.
  • KidTools and KidSkills kidtools.missouri.edu/ Free!! The KidTools program includes template tools to assist children in self-management, problem solving, and making plans and control. KidSkills includes organizational and planning tools and a variety of learning strategies. Picture tools have also been added to support students who need the support of visuals.
  • Strategy Tools strategytools.org Electronic tools for high school students to help organize and plan

  • Online Courses and materials

Materials to train teachers and learn new techniques

  • CiTed www.cited.org Ideas and information on evidence based practice to support the inclusion of students with disabilities in the general education classroom. Handouts, technical support, free Webinars,and lots of resources.
  • Big Ideas in Reading reading.uoregon.edu/ Discussion of the Five big ideas in reading & teaching suggestions
  • National Center on Progress Monitoringwww.studentprogress.org/ Presentations, notes and materials to support classroom progress monitoring
  • Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice cecp.air.org/default.asp Techniques to develop school connectedness where students feel part of and valued at school
  • Iris Center iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/ Modules with background information and teaching ideas for RTI, Behavior Management, Diversity
  • Project Mainstep jabba.edb.utexas.edu/mainstep/ms/index.cfm Anchored instruction to support teacher education: modules in reading, mathematics and functional behavior assessment.
  • Shared Work www.sharedwork.org/ IDEA partnership communities of practice sharing and discussing policy and practice for research based interventions.
  • The Jigsaw Classroom www.jigsaw.org/ Cooperative Learning Techniques to reduce conflict in the classroom
  • UDL Tech Toolkit udltechtoolkit.wikispaces.com
  • Emotional Coaching www.foreverfamilies.net/xml/articles/emotion_coaching.aspx
  • Whole Class Self Monitoring www.pb5th.com/selfmoni.shtml Describes how to set up whole class self monitoring and provides example point cards and strategies.
  • Montana Behavioral Initiative opi.mt.gov/mbi/index.html Information on bullying prevention, PBS and mental health.
  • Center for Behavioral Education and Research www.cber.org/

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