• Writing support: Read, Write, Think’s student materials index – www.readwritethink.org/student_mat/
  • Ghotit ghotit.com/home.shtml Context spell checker service for persons with dyslexia
  • Click N’ Type’s word prediction and keyboard with scanning option –www.lakefolks.org/cnt/
  • LetMeType free downloadable word prediction programs that runs in background (free source, last version June 2006) www.clasohm.com/lmt/en/
  • Monster Exchanges www.monsterexchange.org/ Design create and describe monster pictures.
  • Wacky Web Tales www.eduplace.com/tales/content/wwt_030.html create online stories while learning about others favs.
  • ToonDoo www.toondoo.com/ Create your own comic strips (check language of examples on home page)
  • Pocket Mod www.pocketmod.com create printable pocket calendars or organizers

example of handwriting

For more tools visit Wissick's Web toolboxes webtoolboxes.wikispaces.com